Commercial and Industrial Cleaning Services

When you visit a large public place such as a hotel, amusement park, banquet facility, museum, commercial building or point of interest you may wonder about its cleanliness. There are many places that hire their own cleaning crews. These cleaning crews often go through special training and understand chemicals and how to properly sanitize a surface. There is in class and online training provided to these cleaning professionals. They will not only sanitize but also rejuvenate shiny surfaces and use cleaners that make the surface more rust resistant.

Large office complexes and industrial businesses may not have onsite cleaning crews but they may hire in cleaning professionals. Professional industrial cleaning crews can use passivation to prolong the life of stainless steel. These crews are used in hospitals and other medical facilities as well as food production businesses that rely heavily on products made of stainless steel. Passivation can reduce the risk of corrosion and remove surface contamination. Businesses will often have on-site cleaning crews perform a combination of both pickling and passivation. Pickling involves utilizing an acid solution. This solution will infuse down to the chromium level of heated and damaged metals. The pickling will remove heat affected zones of the damaged metal. When metal is heated to the point of discoloration it is open to corrosion and the pickling process combined with the passivation process can help extend the life of the impacted metal.

Many cleaning jobs can be performed on site. This brings the professional cleaning crew into your facility to perform their work. There are some tasks that will need to be performed in clean rooms. Large chemical cleaning corporations will have clean rooms established at their base locations. These clean rooms are highly sterile environments where cleaning technicians will wear protective suits to clean a large variety of items for their clients. Precision cleaning, oxygen cleaning, pressure and leak testing, cleanliness verification testing, sterile packaging, assembly, passivation, gauge cleaning and calibration can all be done in clean rooms. Precision cleaning is an in-depth cleaning that removes contaminants on a microscopic level. Grease, oil particle and fiber removal all are included in precision cleaning. This type of cleaning is very commonly used for military, medical, space and aviation facilities. Oxygen cleaning is commonly used on space crafts and pipelines. These types of environments are rich in oxidizing atmospheres and can sometimes be prone to fires or combustion if they are not professionally cleaned. Pressure and leak testing is done in the clean room because gauges, pipes and tubes need to be tested in a controlled environment to ensure they are in optimal working order. When you decide to hire an industrial chemical cleaning company you will want to meet with them and discuss contracts and work performed. Be sure to have a thorough list of all work that they perform. It is also reasonable to ask for licensing and insurance information as well as certifications of the technicians who will be performing the cleaning of your industrial items.